Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 34

So, 'twould appear that another chappy is up. So. :3

It appears more NorthxSilver fans have joined the ranks. *giggles* Once again, I'll admit I considered it~ But Northy is a bit older than she is (as someone mentioned, hurrhurr) although not by a whole lot considering the various ages of mates in the Warriors series; he's prolly somewhere about a year older than Silverstreak, although I'd have to do the math using secret information to know fo' sho'. He still calls himself Northstar, by the way; he hasn't changed /that/ much (and for all Stonestar knows, he was still a leader at some point).

Broken Memories: If Blight (DIE) and Silverstreak's groups ever meet up, would Nightshade even recognize Buck as a friend instead of an enemy?

Who knows? It depends on just how great the brain-washing is, and how much Nightshade really remembers about her past; how much she's repressed. Who knows? She might just snap under the strain and kill Buck.


*giggles* Lynxeye, don't be scared. I'm glad I can make you feel that way; writing is all I do, it's nice that I'm good at it. A little. xD

Frostfirecat, that's an excellent idea. I'll think about that~

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