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C H A R A C T E R  B I O S
| S H A T T E R E D |

Hey, guys! You might recognize these bios from my deviantART. I didn't like the way they were displayed there, so I'm moving them to here. They'll still be in my scraps. This post will be for the Shattered bios only; keep an eye out for characters in future stories, though. The first cat creator  (created by Kamirah on dART, link below) will be for she-cats while the second (created by Neikoish, link below) will be for toms.

Silverstreak is kind and gentle, as well as understanding of others. She's very open and trusting, but this makes her vulnerable and gullible. She believes everyone can have a second chance, and that they deserve one. This gets her into trouble when she trusts the wrong cats. She's honest above all else, but can become enraged if decieved. Sometimes she puts missions before her friends, or arranges her priorities in a way that others disagree with, putting StarClan before everything else, even those that are close to her. She's never been in  love, or felt any attraction towards any other cat, and so she doesn't quite understand the emotions that power others. Sometimes she's sorrowful, remembering BirchClan and those who died fighting for it. She's made a vow to recreate it as a new Clan, somewhere where AuroraClan's taint will never touch it again.

Ravenwing is the sister of Frostfeather; they are complete opposites. Ravenwing is gentle and soft-spoken, with a knack for smoothing over conflicts and soothing others. She's known for her patience and her diligence, never giving up no matter how the odds are stacked against her. She's more of a healer than a fighter, but she is still an excellent hunter. She is very shy, and adapting to a Clan full of new cats promises to be a struggle forever; it is, however, a struggle she intends to win.

Frostfeather is one of Silverstreak's best friends; they've always been very close to one another. Frostfeather and her sister are polar opposites; Frostfeather is fiery and spirted, and willing to fight for her friends no matter the cost. She does have a tender side, but she exposes that only to her friends and to kits. She's known for having quite a temper; her name makes her sound gentler than she actually is. She also has an appetiate for toms, no matter of fur-color, temperment, or even Clan. For this reason, her loyalties are sometimes questioned, but she'd never turn against her true Clan.

Northstar is remarkable in appearance for his white fur and black paws, and he is also renowned for his tactical brilliance and cold heart. He carefully orchestrated his father's death to gain power for himself, as Crowtalon, his deputy, brought to light. Sly and cunning, he's not above using good deeds to fuel dark motives. His hunger for power has not been dampened by his betrayal at the paws of his deputy. As a young apprentice, he was shy but sweet, blossoming under Brackenheart's careful training. After he lost Brackenheart in a terrible battle, as well as the apprentice he loved from afar, he became more withdrawn and bitter, despite being trained by his father as he had always wished. Despite his deeds, his faith in StarClan is actually very strong, although his sense of morality is much weaker.
Lion was once a proud, strong warrior that led a small family of loners. However, when BirchClan learned of the family's existence, Fadedstar gave Lion a choice: Side with BirchClan against FrozenClan, or be exiled. Lion's mate, Clover, was with kits and too far along to be moved safely, giving Lion no choice but to fight for BirchClan. In their first attack, everyone including Clover was killed, leaving Lion the sole survivor of the battle. The sorrow of losing his entire family twisted him, and sent him looking for revenge. He found it by killing Slaughter's nine guards, then Slaughter himself, but he won't be satisfied until all of BirchClan, which he holds also responsible, is no more.

Darkstorm is an strange character. He is incredibly lazy, barely lifting a paw to clean his own fur, let alone take care of an entire Clan's worth of cats. He also loves she-cats, flirting with basically anything that moves (he has an immense crush on Frostfeather, but she doesn't appear to return his affections). Darkstorm also has a puzzling fear of kits, although even he doesn't quite understand why. Despite being both lazy and a coward, he does have the inner strength of a warrior, if he could only see it within himself.

Forest is a loner, living in PeakClan's forest. For many moons, he managed to keep out of their way (unlike the old tom who had lived in the forest even before the Clan, who was eventually killed by a couple of apprentices) until Silverstreak stumbled onto the forest. Knowing that Silverstreak was scouting out the territory for herself, probably to bring more cats and settle down, he kidnapping her, hoping that her friends would come and, seeing that she wasn't there, move on. He was not an abusive kidnapper; Silverstreak suffered no harm at his paws, except self-inflicted injury. Forest is very laid-back, allowing Silverstreak some degree of freedom, and even chatting with her openly. He's a very good-natured cat, as is shown by his trademark smile. While hunting for Silverstreak, he was attacked and nearly killed by Northstar. Rather than fleeing, Silverstreak tried to tend to his wounds, although his recovery is not certain. He harbors a strong mistrust of all Clan cats, bordering on hatred, although he has not been shown to be violent towards them when not threatened.
(Forest's image is pre-Northstar-attack, since I made it before the notion of him being attacked ever entered my head. He'll obviously be a bit more scarred if he manages to fight off the infection.)
Reedrush is a fighter. Her family - called the 'Kalan', a twisting of the word 'Clan' - fell apart after her adoptive father's death. However, rather than giving in to hopelessness, she and her childhood friend Blitz managed to survive for many moons together. They were separated, however, soon before she realized she was pregnant with his kits. To give her kits a better chance at survival, she joined the Twolegs, only to escape from them when she realized they might steal her kits from her permanently. As this indicates, she is very family-orientated, and will gladly fight for any cat she holds dear. She is also quick to trust, despite the hard times she has suffered. A little impulsive and quick to judge others, she is a cat who, while usually gentle, possesses a strong fighting spirit.

Jag's appearance is a little shocking to those that do not know him. His large size, dark pelt, and twisted scars make him seem to be a more menacing cat than he truly is. Although he has no problem killing and is never afraid to use his claws, he is not a violent soul. A hard life shaped him into a strong cat, but it never gave him a hardened heart. He is notable for having a 'soft spot' for kits, probably stemming from the fact that his brother, whom he was very close to, died as a kit. Jag was unable to save his brother from another tom, and this feeling of helplessness and love for his brother probably fathered his protective feelings for kits. Despite this, Jag can be ruthless when he must, and if anyone he cares about is threatened, he will not hesitate to make the killing blow, often without asking questions. He is loyal to those who can earn his respect, but for such a hardened cat, it is very difficult.
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