Monday, May 16, 2011

Chilled up!

Chilled up, so it's epilogue-question time! Yaay!

@Shimmertail: Yeah, he's kind of Jag in my mind too. And ha, yes, CarmeloxToxin was for rizzle. I already kind of was on the fence about it, but your deciding that it was a crack pairing sealed the deal. I think Death and Northy are definitely some of my favorites in this fic, although I'm sort of sad Shimmer didn't get more screentime, so to speak. I like Ratwhisker for Blight, it's perfect; Snakestrike is pretty close to Snake's old name, Snakebite. Dawnfrost kind of strikes me as weird (I use Dawn for creams) but -frost definitely fits her. My first three were Honeyblossom, Fogwing, and Streamfur (which aren't bad) but then I started getting into the weirdness....Wow, your first was JtR? I think it's actually my least favorite, to be honest, but I'm glad you chose to stick around! <3 And when do I get to read that one-shot, mm? You could e-mail it to me, maybe? (

@MansonNoob: I'm not a fan of sandwiches, actually, but thanks. Good luck on the Challenge! :D

@Lynxeye: You actually went and did your review cat by cat? ILY! Slaughter's a big ball of nothing, you're right (in original role-play he was really important, but he was just the cat to get the ball rolling here, I guess). And yes (!!) about Mother's new kit! It was Ravenwing/Eaglestrike's little daughter. I'm surprised anyone got that, nice! About Lion, I really have no idea. The craziness/bitterness was from her death, so in her presence (assuming rogues have an afterlife, which I have no idea about) so in her presence he'd probably mellow out...but he could never be exactly the same again, I guess. And didn't I answer the Bullet thing? I thought I did, eh. Yeah, he's Thistlepaw's father, but that's not what is important about him, as we'll see. Reed doesn't want to go by herself, but she will if she has to. Death will prolly never get over his phobia entirely, but with work (and Frosty will make him work!) he can kind of make it manageable. Knowing him, I doubt it'll stick, but they'll try. How'd you know I was going to name her Icedragon? I considered it, but I didn't think you guys would go for that. And I kind of feel the same way about Northy; he's sort of a more engaging charrie than Silver, so it would have been cool if he was the main character...maybe next time.(I was kidding about Icedragon, in case you couldn't tell. xD).

@Insane Certifiably: I've always wondered about those lil kits, cuz some of them prolly have rogue parents, or something, like Splash in JtR. If they make it to StarClan, what do they do? Again, not taking a stand (for the moment) on the whole rogue-afterlife thing. Clover's scent could have been him hallucinating as he was dying, for all I know. xD Slaughter cared about dying, but Toxin sure didn't, in the end. I like the way Forest changed too, while still maintaining his weird lil grin. I love you too (in a completely creepy way)!

@CrystalSakura: Arg, I totally head-desk'd when I realized that. It's all fixed now, I think; Scorpion died, Shredder lived, yadda yadda. Fixed fixed fixed. Thanks for letting me know. ^^

@Ninjakitty: Ooh, a picture could be cool; one of my friends had someone draw the cover of her fic, and I was jealous. The kit that Mother found was actually Raven/Eagles; all of her own kits are alive.

@JayEyedWolf: Oh dear, you have a point. I didn't realize it had been so long since I touched Singe and Sapphire! The parody is kind of something to do when I've got ideas (which are floating around in my brain for the moment, they haven't really solidified) but I'll try to work on TS: ATOL real soon.

@Moonsong: I like RabbitxHawk too (I like Vole, in that he's a good cat, but he wasn't quite meant for Rabbit). I named Forest Forestheart because of his compassion and generally good nature; remember, he even helped save Foxclaw's life, even though he hated him, among other things. He's just a well-respected, loyal, loving, compassionate cat, so -heart seemed right.

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